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The project brief was to create a collection of objects that are designed to demonstrate a personal narrative and ritual using timber and casting processes.


The objects have been designed to evoke personal memories of sailing, a period of time where I feel a sense of freedom and tranquillity. Thinking back to past times acts as a form of escapism from the present and the stresses in daily life. These objects transform the home into a place of serenity through the use of senses, producing involuntary memories and instantly transporting the user to another time.


The Trinket Box is designed around the shape of a winch and is made from African Teak. The rounded base creates a gentle rock to recreate the feeling of sailing. The wax candle is cast from a conch shell found whilst sailing and scented with essential oils. The cup is made from white stoneware. The exterior is coated with grog to create a rough texture and a transparent glaze has been applied to the interior.

Sensing 1
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